CBI raid on IAS B Chandrakala house

CBI’s raid on IAS B Chandrakal’s house in illegal mining case, increased in 90% of the property in a year

CBI raid on IAS B Chandrakala house: In the case related to sand mining, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raided 12 places in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi on Saturday. Officials said that IAS officer B chandrakala. The raids were carried out in this regard on the residences of senior officers, including chandrakala. chandrakala is very popular on social media for his campaign against corruption. They said that the raids were killed in Delhi along with several districts including Uttar Pradesh’s Jallun, Hamirpur, Lucknow.

Actually, the CBI is investigating the matter on the directions of Allahabad High Court. B. Chandrakala’s house is in the Safariar and Villa near the planning house. At present, B. chandrakala is on Deputation. In UP, his image has been a tough and honest officer. Earlier, in many districts including Bulandshahr, Hamirpur, DM chandrakala has accumulated accolades and headlines for his work and stereotype. CBI has raided the house of Hamirpur in Chandrakal.

B.chandrakala is the 2008 batch IAS officer. chandrakala’s are very famous on social media. But in terms of popularity, chandrakala is ahead of Uttar Pradesh’s former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. There are 8,636,348 followers of chandrakala on Facebook. At the same time, the number of followers of Akhilesh is 6,816,363.

Have already seen ‘scars’ on chandrakala(CBI raid on IAS B Chandrakala house:)

IAS B in the year 2017 chandrakala proved to be defaulter in giving details of his property. In fact, the Civil Services Officers had to present their property record for 2014 by January 15, 2015. But even after a year, these officials did not give details of their property. The name of chandrakala was also included in it.

CBI raid on IAS B Chandrakala house

According to information provided by the Central Government’s General Administration and Training Department, chandrakala’s property was only 10 lakh rupees in 2011-12. In 2013-14, this increased to about Rs 1 crore. That is, in one year, their wealth increased 90 percent.


In 2011-12, by selling his ornaments and from his salary, chandrakala bought a 10 lakh flat in Uppal, Andhra Pradesh. Now he has a flat of 55 lakhs on his Sarojini Naidu road in Lucknow, named after his daughter Kirti chandrakala. However, he claimed that this flat was gifted by his father-in-law to him. Apart from this, he has purchased a house of 30 lakhs in Anupnagar in Andhra Pradesh. From this, he claims annual income of 1.50 lakh rupees.

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