Chief Minister Pramod Sawant

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant won the floor test, 20 MLAs voted in favor

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant: Goa’s new chief minister Pramod Sawant (45) proved a majority in the assembly on Wednesday. 20 MLAs voted in their favor. The opposition has 15 votes. On 1.50 p.m. on Monday, Sawant took the oath of office of chief minister. Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP), 3-3 MLAs of Goa Forward Party and 3 independents supported the BJP. BJP has 11 MLAs

These MLAs had taken oath of ministerial posture

BJP: Mavin Godinho, Vishwajit Rane, Milind Naik and Nilesh Kabral
MGP: Shuddin Dhavlikar, Manohar Ajgaonkar
GFP: Vijay Sardesai, Vinod Palaker and Jayesh Salgaonkar
Independent: Rohan Kunte and Govind Gawde

Sawant, close to Parrikar

Sawant is MLA from Sankhalim assembly seat in North Goa. She is an Ayurvedic doctor by profession. Sawant’s count was in the neighborhood of Parrikar. Pramod Sawant is the owner of crores property. They have assets of Rs 3.66 crores. However, Sawant is different from Parrikar in case of simplicity. Parrikar had an Innova car and was a scooter. Sawant has 5 cars.

State of assembly

There are 36 legislators in the 40-member Goa assembly nowadays. Former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar died on 17 March and another BJP legislator Francis D’Souza died last month. Two Congress MLAs Subhash Shirodkar and Dayanand Sopte had resigned last year.

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