China defended Ban on Masood

China defended Ban on Masood’s defense, saying – We want to solve the negotiations

China defended Ban on Masood: China has defended the stance on declaring Masood Azhar as the Global Terrorist of Pakistan-based terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed. China said that this will help in the negotiations between the concerned parties, India and Pakistan to find a lasting solution to the issue. Asked why China interrupted the move to declare Masood a global terrorist, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said that the decision of Beijing is according to the rules of the committee.

He said that “China really believes that the relevant steps of this committee will help the countries concerned that they should negotiate and discuss and not create complexity for regional peace and stability.” Till 1267, it is a matter of technical hindrance in the committee, so we have taken steps to ensure that the committee has a reasonable time for studying the case and related parties to negotiations and discussions. I could get time for Mirchi. ‘

Other 4 countries angry on ‘wall of China’ on Masood

The Chinese spokesperson said, “Acceptable solutions for all parties can provide an opportunity for permanent solutions to this issue.” China is ready to negotiate and coordinate with all parties, including India, to deal fairly with this matter. “India expressed disappointment after the mechanisms of Masood being declared a global terrorist technically interrupted by China was.

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It is significant that China has banned technical sanctions on Wednesday on the proposal to declare Masood a global terrorist in the United Nations Security Council. France, the United Kingdom and the United States proposed a proposal to declare Masood a terrorist under the ‘1267 Al-Qaeda Ban Committee’ of the United Nations Security Council on 27th February. On February 14 in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama, the suicide attacker of Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked the convoy of CRPF, in which 40 soldiers were killed.(China defended Ban on Masood)

For the fourth time china with Masood Azhar stood, planted veto-(China defended Ban on Masood)

The tension between India and Pakistan has increased due to this attack. The members of the committee had 10 working days to object to the proposal. Just before the deadline was reached, China imposed a ‘technical stop’ on the proposal and demanded more time to investigate the proposal.

Kashmir said, it is the issue between India and Pakistan

On the Kashmir issue he said that China’s stand is clear and stable. Lu said, ‘This is a matter between India and Pakistan. We hope that the two sides will make friendly talks and will resolve this matter and other related matters. ”

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