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China develops world’s first armed amphibious drone boat: Report

China successfully tested the world’s first armed amphibian (water and land) drone boats. According to a news in the media, Chinese military analysts believe that it is useful for campaigning on the ground and is able to make a triangle in the war, along with the air drones and other drone ships.

Government newsletter ‘Global Times’ reported on Monday that this drone vessel ‘Marine Lizard’, manufactured by the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group, which came under the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), successfully passed the delivery check and on 8th April in Wuhan Came out of the factory An official said that Marine Lizard, with a maximum range of 1200 km, could be remote control through satellites.

The 12 meter long marine lizard, developed in the vessel, is a boat with three parallel parts, which progress with the help of diesel-powered hydrogetates and can reach the speed of up to 50 knots escaping the radar. The information was told by the unknown officer in the news that near the ground, this amphibious drown boats could be expelled from the four track units hidden inside them and can run at 20 km per hour on the ground. With the defense budget of about $ 178 billion, the Chinese army (the world’s largest army) is focusing on developing new weapons ranges in recent years.

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