China Moon Landing

China Moon Landing/ China lowered the spacecraft on that part of the moon, which nobody saw.

China Moon Landing:  China has dropped its Spacecraft Chang 4 in the area which is considered an undiscovered portion of the Moon. This success in the space sector is being seen as a big achievement.

Continuous new records are being made in the field of space in the world. China showed on Thursday that no country in the world could do it. That part of the moon which is never seen from Earth, on that part, China has lifted its own spacecraft Chang-4. This step is being considered as a major revolution in the field of space. This part of the moon is called dark side, which can not be seen from the Earth.

China Moon Landing: 

Confirming the matter, China’s National Space Administration said that China National Space Administration announced that a lander and a rover spacecraft will be able to fly between 10.26 in the morning (according to Beijing time) 177.6 degrees east longitude and 45.5 degrees south latitude. Has landed in the unseen part. This is the same part of the moon which is never seen from the earth.

Let us tell you that only one part of the moon is visible from the Earth. The reason for this is that when the moon is rotating on the earth, it is also moving on its axis. This is the reason that the second part of the moon is never able to appear before the earth. China had been engaged in this mission for quite a long time, now it was completed by completing this mission.

Earlier in 2013, China’s Chang 3 was the first spacecraft to land on the moon after 1976. Now Chang 4 has been dispatched to China’s undiscovered portion of the moon, with the help of it will be detected on its surface, minerals. China launched Chang 4 on December 8 last month. Significantly, India can soon launch its second important mission, Chandrayaan 2. Which has a world-wide eye.

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