Congress in a flash /Occupation of paws on Rajasthan-Chhattisgarh, MP has no majority

Congress in a flash:- In Chhattisgarh, the Congress cleared the BJP’s base, in Telangana the public has reassured the TRS again. A Congress government is going to be formed in Rajasthan, but it has to make a lot of efforts to win in Madhya Pradesh.

The Congress is going to form the government in Rajasthan, but it has to make a lot of efforts to win in Madhya Pradesh. However, Congress has sought time to meet Governor Anandiben Patel to form a government in Madhya Pradesh.

In the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, the Congress is behind the magical figure of the formation of the government. 116 seats are required for the majority while it has 114 seats. In the state, he has emerged as the largest party and the state Congress chief Kamal Nath has filed a claim before the governor to form the government. BJP got 109 seats. 4 Independents, 2 BSPs and 1 SP have been found.

Taskakshi in BJP-Congress(Congress in a flash)

During this attempt to form the government, Congress filed a complaint before the Election Commission that Damoh’s collector certificate is not issuing, while its candidate has won. Congress alleged that under the pressure of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh, the collector certificate of Damoh is not being issued. At the same time BJP also held a late night meeting at Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s residence in Bhopal about further strategy in which BJP senior leaders including Kailash Vijay Varghese joined the party. The BJP alleged that the Congress was behind the delay in the results.

However, no party has been able to get the magical figure of making a government in Madhya Pradesh, because Congress is close to the 116 seats required for the majority, then the role of the Independents, the BSP and the SP became crucial to form the government. According to the Election Commission, the Congress has won 114 seats in the MP till 6.53 pm on Wednesday, while BJP is stuck on 109 seats.

In addition to these two major parties of the state, the Samajwadi Party (SP) has got a seat disadvantage. At the same time, Independent candidates won 4 seats. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has won 2 seats in Pathriya and Bhind. In Madhya Pradesh, the role of the independents, BSP and SP have now become crucial in forming the government.

Congress in a flash

In this election, the Congress’s vote percentage is about eight percent higher. He got about 41 percent of the votes, while BJP got a little more than 41 percent of the vote. Apart from this, the Congress led by state president Kamal Nath united in this election, whereas in earlier elections, there was factionalism in the Congress, due to which he had to remain out of power for 15 years.


Preparing to form government in Rajasthan(Congress in a flash)

The Congress has defeated the ruling BJP in Rajasthan. Here, he has reached almost the magic figure of the majority with victory over 99 seats and is preparing to form the government. After the party’s defeat, Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje handed over his resignation to Governor Kalyan Singh on Tuesday night. The Congress Legislature Party will meet here on Wednesday in which other issues including legislative party leaders will be discussed. The party says that the final decision on the chief minister’s post will be high command, but there is every possibility of a decision today.

There was a poll of 199 seats out of 200 in the state. According to the results declared till late night Congress has won 99 seats. The BJP has won 73 seats. BSP six, CPI (M) win in two seats. Others were victorious on 12 seats and independents on six seats. Independent candidates have maintained a lead in one seat.

BJP clears clear of Chhattisgarh(Congress in a flash)

Congress has won a tremendous victory by Chhattisgarh. Such victory in which the Congress has cleared the BJP’s souvenir. After 15 years, Raman Singh has been ousted from the public. After the results Raman Singh came in, and he took the responsibility of losing himself. At the same time, announced the resignation of the Chief Minister.

Even in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Congress has won a big win, but it has lost its defeat in Telangana and Mizoram. In Mizoram, the Congress, which has been ruling for ten years, has overthrown the MNF, while TRS’s magic has returned to Telangana.

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