Congress leader Anand Sharma warned

Congress leader Anand Sharma warned bureaucrats, this government is not permanent but working within the scope

Congress leader Anand Sharma warned: Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma on Friday attacked BJP officials on government officials. In the same thing, he warned that the bureaucrats will listen, this government is not permanent and now only a few weeks are left for the general election, so work in your realm. Actually, Sharma had a press conference only hours after the CBI raided the former Haryana Chief Minister BS Hooda’s house. He alleged that the government is upset and the prime minister’s defeat is fixed so that such action is being taken. He said that as soon as the election approached, the Modi government has taken this action with the spirit of revenge.

BJP said, this is the culture of Congress

On the statement of Sharma, BJP retorted that this is the culture of Congress. Talking to our Associate News Channel Times Now, the party spokesman related party said, “Threatening constitutional institutions and agencies is the culture of the Congress.” Who work for the country. He said that this was what we saw recently in the Supreme Court, when proved true, he also tried to impeach him against the Chief Justice. Just a few days ago in London he press conference and pressurized the Election Commission of the country and tried to intimidate. They want corruption to be their birthright and nobody should check it.

What did Congress leader Anand Sharma warned say?

In the press conference during the press conference, Sharma said, “Government agencies should work under the purview of the law. Elections are near and this government will change. ‘ He also said that accountability of every institution and officer will be ensured in the new government, which is targeting opponents at the behest of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

The Congress leader said, “There is no such institution which has survived the interference of Modi and Amit Shah. We are not afraid of misuse of government agencies. ‘ The Congress leader asked why the Modi government is not using the CBI against the BJP’s leaders who have serious allegations? Sharma said that when coming into government, he will ensure the accountability of the officials who are annoying the opponents at the behest of the Prime Minister and Amit Shah.

Congress leader Anand Sharma warned: Congress senior spokesman Anand Sharma told reporters, “The spirit of the prime minister and the BJP government’s malicious and retaliation has once again appeared. He is using government agencies to disturb the opponents. ‘ He said, ‘It would have been better if he first corrected the CBI. There is no credibility in the recent controversy.

Sharma said, “Hooda has been raided in the morning. We condemn his strong words. This has been done with a sense of revenge. The government’s policy and policy is poor. With the arrival of elections, such efforts are increasing. He said, ‘The Prime Minister and the BJP want to give the same message that the opposition will sit fearless. The people of the country also understand this.

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