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Content of child pornography found in cyber crime / mobile, then sentenced to 5 years

Cyber crime:  If there are content related to child pornography in your mobile phone, laptop or computer then there can be a sentence of up to five years. This provision, however, has been made in Section 67B of the IT Act since 2000, but it has become more effective from the portal launched by the Home Ministry.

Complaints can be made against those sharing social media, related to child pornography, rap or gangrap, on this portal, starting with the name The purpose of this is to prevent such videos or photographs, because it is believed that by observing these pictures and videos, the crime of children is increasing.

So far there are 34 complaints, but none of these categories: This is the only two

cyber crime

categories of complaints in this portal launched on September 30. So far there are 34 complaints, but one does not fit in this category. Actually, the Home Ministry has made Madhya Pradesh Cyber ​​Cell as the nodal agency under the Cyber ​​Crime Prevention for Women and Child (CCPWC).

To curb cyber crime against children and women, cyber cell has to do training programs. Training has been given to police and ADPO. In the second phase, the portal, called, has been launched.

cyber crime

After verification, there will be two options to hide and complain by hiding the identity as soon as the portal is open. If you hide the identity and do not complain, then the status will not be known. After filling the category of child pornography and rap or gangrepe, the name-address must be disclosed, which will remain secret.

The person, who is required to make a complaint against the mobile number or unit resource locator (URL), will have to fill out the information. Your complaint will be sent to the nodal agency of the state from which you will be there. After verifying the complaint, the concerned agency will take legal action against the accused.

Uploading and sharing of social media on social media: Under section 67-B of the IT Act, made in 2000, uploading content related to child pornography to social media, sharing, recording it or browsing the website is also in the category of crime. is. According to AIG Sudip Goenka, for the first time there is a provision of punishment for five years under this section.

If this happens again, the sentence can increase to seven years. The police will use this section in the investigation of the complaint lodged on the portal. In the last one year, Madhya Pradesh Cyber ​​Cell has registered four such cases in Bhopal and Indore.

227 Police will block the site: Under CCPWC Madhya Pradesh Cyber ​​Cell’s social media patrol team has identified 227 websites. Child pornography and other pornographic videos or photos are uploaded on these websites. The team has found these websites on the search engine using different keywords. The police has sent proposal to the Home Ministry to block these marked websites.

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