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Jaya Prada’s warning to Azam Khan – will defeat the election and then tell

Controversial topic: Controversy has been raised on the statement of Samajwadi Party leader and former minister Azam Khan. Now Jaya Prada, contesting the elections on the ticket of BJP from Rampur Lok Sabha seat, has himself answered the comments of Azam Khan. Jaya Prada asked Azam Khan whether there is no mother or wife in her house who are giving such statements. At the same time, Jaya Prada also said that she is not afraid to leave Rampur due to such comments of Azam Khan.

Azam Khan, who contested from the Rampur Lok Sabha seat on the ticket of SP, had made a personal comment about his rival BJP candidate Jaya Prada. This comment of Azam Khan is being criticized on every side, after which Jaya Prada himself has given a reply to it. Jaya Prada has said that Azam Khan does not even want to say or speak to the words which he has said for them. Jaya Prada, while criticizing Azam Khan, said that this person is not going to improve, and this time it has crossed the limit.

Not only this, Jaya Prada also questioned whether there is no mother or daughter-in-law in the house of Azam Khan, who made such remarks about women. He said that Azam Khan will also make such statements for the women of his house. Saying that, Jaya Prada also announced to end all their relationship with Azam Khan.

Jaya Prada said that this time Azam Khan has crossed the limit. Now I have no relationship with him and the kind of behavior that Azam Khan is doing, the people of Rampur will not forgive him.

Shall i die- (controversial topic)

Jaya Prada reacting to Azam’s statement also said that if I die, then you will be satisfied? Jaya Prada, showing fearlessness, said that fearing the remark, I will not go to Rampur. He openly challenged Azam Khan and said that Azam Khan will beat you and then tell who is Jaya Prada.

This anger of Jaya Prada has come out after Azam Khan’s comments, in which he said, while targeting Jaya Prada, “whom we took by finger and brought Rampur, whom you represented 10 years … to understand its reality, you have 17 It took years, I realized in 17 days that their underwear is of Khaki color. ‘ This statement of Azam Khan is being criticized.

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