How to create Sitemap for a blog or website.

if any problem come in make sitemap then don’t worry,how to create Sitemap for a blog or website. Today i will give you full define with images, you don’t say again have problem come making sitemap.let’s go

How to create  Sitemap for a blog or website.

1) Sign in google webmaster website

2) Click on Add a property

create Sitemap

3)  Add your website or blog url

4) New page will open in front of you now Click on Alternate method.

How to create a Sitemap for a blog or website.

5) Copy and paste code in your website or blog header (<head> paste here  </head>)

6) Go to again webmaster page and click on verify button .

7) Next page will open after verify and click on continue.

8) click on left side menu crawl and now click on sub-menu sitemap.

9) Click on Add/Test sitemap and write sitemap.xml,then click on submit.

10) After submitting, the next page will open and click on the Refresh button.

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