cricket match

Cricket match will also be played at Priyanka-Nick’s wedding.

Cricket match: Priyanka and Nick’s wedding rituals are going on in Jodhpur. Guests have already started coming.

The marriage of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas remains a trending topic. Wedding rituals have also started. A special event has also been organized among the rituals. There will be a cricket match between the bride and groom’s side.

According to the DNA news, a cricket match will be played between the bride and groom’s family on Saturday. Two teams named ‘P’ and ‘N’ will be formed. Couple will be seen in the cameo role during the match.

The guests will have to accept Priyanka’s wedding

Special rules and conditions have been laid for guests and workers in this royal marriage. Guests will not be able to take a camera mobile phone with them and go to Venue. They will be given a phone number and they will be given a token number, on which basis they will be able to get back their phones after the marriage ends. During the wedding guests will be given an unmanned mobile phone, which they can use all the time.

cricket match

Mukesh Ambani joins Music Ceremonies

Let us know that Friday Music Ceremonies were organized. Mukesh Ambani also reached family to join Priyanka’s Music Ceremonies. He looked at his wife Nita Ambani, son Ananta and daughter Isha Sang Airport. Umaid Palace was decorated like a bride for Priyanka’s Music Ceremonies. The theme of Music Ceremani was kept in Rajasthani.

Priyanka’s guest list includes both the indigenous and foreign guests. On Friday, Salman Khan’s younger sister Arpita reached Jodhpur with her son Ahil. After this well-known make-up man Mikey Contractor also reached Jodhpur. His team has also come with Manasi Skot, who will perform in this marriage.

Talking about marriage, on December 2, 2018, both artists will be one another. Married to Priyanka-Nick Christian and Hindu customs However, suspense remains on marriage dates.

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