Three divorce laws

Declaration in the Congress Party Minority Convention, will return to power and end three divorce laws

Three divorce laws: Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, when Congress announced a big announcement, it was said to end three divorced law after coming to power. In the presence of party president Rahul Gandhi during the party’s minority session in Delhi, it was announced by Silchar MP and Sushmita Deb, president of All India Women’s Congress. The National Convention was organized on Thursday to strengthen the base of the minorities among the minorities. Rahul, who came as chief guest in the session, made a sharp spell in the Modi government during this period. In the program, Rahul Gandhi said that if you look at the face of PM Modi, you will see panic.

Rahul said that Modiji has understood that the people of the country can not be made PM by breaking. The BJP used to say that Modi would remain PM for 15 years, but the Congress has blown his claim. Earlier, people of the BJP used to say, ‘good days will come’, but now the people of the country say ‘the watchman is a thief’.

Three divorce laws

The Congress President said that the country is not of any one religion. This country belongs to every person of India. The fight is between two ideologies. The country’s minorities have also worked to create the country. One ideology states that the country is a gold bird, which means that the country is a product. Our ideology says that the country is a river, in which everybody should get a place.

Rahul Gandhi, while targeting the RSS, said that RSS people want the government to run from Nagpur. Narendra Modi will run the country ahead and Mohan Bhagwat wants to run the country backwards. Rahul said, “Our constitution is not of the Congress party, but of the country. It is the protection of all parties. ‘ He said that in the coming 3 months the country is going to tell them (BJP) that the country is up and it is down.(Three divorce laws)

Praising Gadkari

In today’s Lok Sabha Gadkari gave a good speech. People are saying that Gadkari is the only minister who works for all. This means that ministers in this government are not able to work on their own.

Rahul said that five years ago, the repatriation of Narendra Modi was very good. But due to corruption in his government, the prime minister can not speak even today. He said that we have shown the path to the country. Whenever the country is in trouble, the country looks towards the Congress. In five years, Modi gave the country only a banquette.

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