Denmark / MP brought 5 month old daughter to her chamber, the speaker ordered to leave the parliament

Denmark: Governments give many opportunities to support small children worldwide. But there was a strange situation in a developed country like Denmark. MP Matte Abildgaard came to his Chamber of Parliament on his 5-month-old daughter. Speaker Pia Jersgard was angry on this. He heard the order to go out of the parliament. This speaker’s order is being criticized across the country.

Can not bring child to Parliament'(Denmark)

  • Piya told Matte- You can not come to the Parliament Chamber with the child. Pia has been a former leader of the right-wing Danish People’s Party. On the other hand, Mate said in cleanliness that she had brought the daughter to the workplace for the first time because her father could not care.
  • Mette Ablinggaard belongs to the Conservative Party. According to them – I did not take any permission from the speaker. Even before me a MP had brought his child to the Parliament and there was no problem at that time. The Conservative party is in coalition with the ruling party.
  • Mette also said – My secretary said that if the daughter started crying, she would not be able to handle it. So, he can not keep it in the chamber. She will be able to keep the daughter only when she is in a good mood.
  • Pia told his assistant that he asked Mette to leave the daughter outside the room. After leaving daughter out to an assistant, Matte returned to the Chamber again. Piya told reporters – MPs should not bring children or newborn into the chamber. The guidelines guideline for MPs will be issued in this regard.
  • The Conservative party shared this kind of misconduct with its MP on Facebook. Within a few hours, 600 people commented on this.
  • Denmark is counted as the world’s developed and peaceful country. Taxes are good here but social security, healthcare facilities are good and pension is adequate. Women who become mothers get 18 weeks leave Parents are entitled to 32 weeks leave at the time of childbirth. They can divide it according to their convenience.
  • The matter of carrying the child to Parliament or to an international forum is not new. In September last year, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jessinda, had made history by taking his child in the United Nations General Assembly. Last year Canadian Minister Kareena Gould’s footage of feeding the baby in the Parliament was viral.

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