two suspected terrorists arrested from Deoband

DGP questioned by Jaish’s suspects arrested from Deoband, key clue found on terror link

ATS inquiry is continuing continuously with two suspected terrorists arrested from Deoband in Uttar Pradesh on Friday. As the inquiries are going on, new disclosures are taking place. On Sunday, UP’s DGP OP Singh questioned the suspected Shahnawaz for 4 hours in his office after which many scandal exploded. In this interrogation, there have been clues on the attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama.

two suspected terrorists arrested from Deoband

Detected Jaish suspected Shahnawaz Ahmad Teli and Aakib Ahmed mobile phones were investigated, which showed that these people used virtual numbers and they had phone from BBM. The investigation also revealed that there were such app downloads in their mobile, which is not available on Play Store. Through this he used to contact his colleagues. This module of terrorists and other members of the organization are also taking the important clue to ATS.

Many revelations from the message

According to the information, many more arrests can be done by raiding the information collected without inquiries from the suspects. Also, there have been significant revelations regarding the movement of weapons and the preparation of any major incident in the search of the mobile messages of the suspects. The DGP of UP has also interacted with J & K DB Dilbagh Singh in this regard. According to sources, these suspects were also in touch with the Jayshish militants who carried out the Pulwama attack.

Both of these suspects were arrested from Deoband of Saharanpur. Police had recovered 32 bore one gun and bullets from them. According to the police, they were staying in Deoband without admission, as well as jihadi audio-video content from both.

Link to the Pulwama attack!

Police said that one of these suspects, Shahnawaz Ahmad, is residing in Kulgam of Jammu Kashmir while the second Akib is the resident of Pulwama. This is the reason why the police suspect that they are hand in the Pulwama terror attack.

After the arrest of the suspects, information was given by the DGP that one of these suspects, Shahnawaz, was responsible for the recruitment of terrorists. At the same time, these people used to do the brainwashing of youth and join them in james. Apart from this, Shahnawaz has also told the grenade expert.

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