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Diet plan: See How Much You Eat, More Than What You Eat.

Diet plan: Health is the greatest wealth, where money does not help, your health stands as a substantive savior.Balanced food, daily exercise, clean water, balanced sleep, regular medical check-ups are prudent for a healthy lifestyle. Though HAPPINESS is the key ingredient to health! Both compliment each other in a meaningful fashion.

A fit body is something you EARN
E- Exercise
A- Attitude
R- Regularity
N- Nurturing

WHO (World Health Organisation) defines Health as “a complete mental, physical and social well-being”

It acts as a resource for life and in it, supports mental and physical capacities. Physical, Mental,Financial, one has to be full-fledged in all of areas.


Mental health accounts to 1. Achieve balance 2. Feeling secure 3. Adaptation to adversity 4. Good relationship with family and friends 5. Contended attitude towards success.

Optimal wellbeing of a person is concomitant to maximizing individual’s potential.

Healthy food is the bridge to healthy way of life. Consuming saturated fats, fried and junk food, aerated drinks leads to weight gain which ultimately increases stress and anxiety levels. Food which is rich in Vitamins and essential minerals brings beauty to skin and mind. Consumption of whole grains provides fibers and repairs damaged tissues in the body.

A protein rich diet induces magnesium, iron and zinc in our system, keeping us live and active throughout the day.

Calcium and unsaturated fats reduce the cholesterol levels in blood.

To stay healthy and fit does not amount to starvation and less eating. It is about right amount of eating. SEE HOW MUCH YOU EAT, MORE THAN WHAT YOU EAT.

Certain tips like managing the portion size, selection of fresh and unprocessed food, limited added sugars, low levels of sodium and high potassium levels, including calcium and vitamin D would help in maintaining those extra lobes in your body weight.

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