Congress in Madhya Pradesh

Digvijay became Congress’s Chanakya in MP, strengthening party behind the scenes

Congress in Madhya Pradesh is facing the exile of power for 15 years. To defeat BJP led by Shivraj Singh Chauhan, two legends Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia are on the frontfoot. Digvijay Singh, the third party leader of the party, who is behind the curtain, is in the role of Chanakya and is working to strengthen the party. He has included five such faces in the Congress, on which the party has dreamed of defeating BJP.

Arjun Arya(Congress in Madhya Pradesh)

Digvijay Singh has played an important role in capturing Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan in his own fort. In the Assembly constituency of Shivraj, the farmer and OBC leader Arjun Arya has been included in the party. The Arya had also made a candidate for the SP, but he got the ticket back to the Congress.

Armed with Arjun Arya’s movement which ran for long time in Budhni, the police had arrested and sent the Central Jail to Bhopal just before the election. After that, suddenly, turning the political turning of the whole case, Arjun Arya, former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, met in the Central Jail and offered the state’s politics.

Arjun Arya had announced to contest the elections against Chief Minister by asking for a ticket from Congress High Command, but the party has fielded Arun Yadav in the field of Arya. In this way, he is fully supporting Arun Yadav, who has created a new problem for Shivraj.

Devashish Jharia

Digvijay Singh credits Devshish Jharia, who identified himself as a Dalit face in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is also credited for bringing Congress into the Congress. Jharia told that he has joined the Congress on Digvijay Singh’s call. He says that Digvijay is preparing politics for 20 years before coming.

Debashish Jharia has left the BSP immediately before the assembly elections and the Congress has got the right to vote. Ashish had assumed the iron of his political capacity at BSP when 6 lakh youth were associated with the BSP. Now after not joining the BSP in the state, he is busy in trying to bring Dalit vote bank to Congress.

Apart from Hiralal

If Chief Minister Shivraj is facing a challenge in his house, the other big challenge for him is the youth leader Hiranal, who emerged as a tribal face. Apart from this, through the Jayas organization, the tribal areas have made a deep penetration in the past. The Congress has given him the ticket. Digvijay has played an important role in bringing the Congress closer.

In this way, tribal leader has increased the BJP’s problem in the Nimad region. In the 2013 assembly elections, BJP won a one-way victory in 32 seats. Now the Congress is trying to win the hearts of the tribals through addition.

Dr. Anand Roy

The biggest headache for Shivraj is unfolding of trade. It is credited to Dr. Anand Roy for bringing it to the public. Rai is a RTI activist and is with the Congress. He has played an important role in designing Jayes. He was seeking a ticket from Indore’s No. 5 seat, but the party has given ticket to Satyanarayan Patel. Although he is in every possible effort to win the Congress.

Ashish chaturvedi

Ashish Chaturvedi, who was the second greatest activist in the business of writing and writing in JNU, is from Bhopal. Working for the Congress in the Assembly elections. Although the party has not given him the ticket. Digvijay has played an important role in bringing Chaturvedi closer to the Congress.

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