Election Poll 2019

Election Poll 2019 : Job’s biggest issue, Ram temple’s biggest failure

Election poll 2019: The buggle of the Lok Sabha elections is going to play a few days. The big question in such a matter is, what are the issues they are facing, whose voters are in the process of tightening the Modi government and opposition parties. In the Times Mega Poll, when we questioned the electoral issues and the biggest failure of the government in front of the public, Ram temple and job emerged as the biggest issue.

40% of the people participating in our online poll believe that employment will be the biggest issue in the next Lok Sabha election, while the people have said that the government’s biggest failure to make no progress in the Ram Temple case is the biggest failure of the government.

In the poll, we had questioned what would be the biggest issue in the Lok Sabha elections? In response to this, the crisis of farmers after employment emerged as the biggest issue. 21.82 percent of the people thought that the status of the farmers would remain an issue. 10.16 people considered Ram temple as the issue. However, a large section of 23.3 percent considers the electoral issue something else.

Election poll 2019: Ram Temple’s biggest failure

In the Lok Sabha elections, the Modi government will have to face public questions on both Ram temple and job. People in the poll did not even consider the temple to be the biggest election issue, but it must be said to be the biggest failure of the government. When we questioned what is the biggest failure of the Modi government in the elections, there was no progress in the Ramayana temple case of 35.72 per cent.

In response to this question, 29.52 percent of the people considered the second biggest failure of the Modi government to not have enough employment generation. Only 13.5 per cent of people said that the ban on bondage was the biggest failure of the government. In the opinion of 12.97 per cent of people, it is a big failure of the Modi Government to keep an eye on intolerance.

The message in the pole is clear even for the opposition with the ruling party. Although he is continuously engulfing the government on Rafael, notebook and GST, but according to the poll results, this is not a big issue. The public wants something more on the job front than the leaders.

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