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EMV chip debit card / Indian ATMs now work differently due to chip debit cards, here is right way to use ATMs or you may lose card

EMV chip debit card : So far you have already heard about chip based debit and credit card. It has been compulsory since January 1, 2019, that the new year has been made mandatory. That is, you now have to use the EMV chip card instead of the old magnetic stripe . Because old magnetic stripe cards have been blocked and with this the use of ATMs has changed. It is possible that you may have already noticed. If not, then we are going to explain to you in detail here.

Before the new year began, the government had asked all banks to upgrade their customers’ debit and credit card for better security. After this, under the government order, the banks started giving new cards to the customers instead of the old card. The validity of the old card was only till December 31, 2018. That is, since then you can not use the card without an EMV chip. The process of using ATM has changed since the introduction of new chip cards.

EMV chip debit card / Now use such ATMs, you can break the debit card

If you have used ATM recently, you will have this information too. You may have noticed that while using the ATM nowadays, you have to keep the card in the ATM during the entire process. The first users had to swipe the card only once for verification. Now you have to put the card in the slot during the whole transaction, if you want to take it out, it is difficult to remove it, or say the card is likely to be bad.

At present, the banks have started sending messages of this information to the customers through the message. Here you are reading messages sent by Axix Bank for example. Similar messages are also being sent by SBI and the rest of the banks. ‘We have upgraded security features to our ATMs and recyclers. Your card will be attached to the ATM during the entire transaction process. Please do not forget to collect your card before leaving the ATM. ‘

EMV chip debit card

In this case, if you try to understand what this new feature is, then there are some ways to use ATM. Just like you used to put the card in ATM and get rid of it. Or some ATMs used to take the first card inside, read it for a while and then used to take it out. Or some ATM cards used to carry out the entire transaction only after taking in and the card was taken out only after the process was completed.

Now, according to the new rules, during the entire transaction the card will be kept in the card slot of the ATM. Once the card goes inside, the light will be red and only after the transaction is completed, the green light will appear in the card slot. If you try to take out the card then your card may get damaged or the transaction may be canceled. If the ATM you are using is not doing this, that means the ATM update is not yet updated in the new feature. They will soon be upgraded to new security methods.

In addition to sending messages to the customers, information of this new method is also being provided by banks at the ATM screen….

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