Amritsar: Eyewitnesses’ zombie ‘The bodies were bouncing’, it was such a horrifying sight

In Amritsar, when the train was going ahead in crushing the people, there was a big threatening situation at that time. Know the spotlight there – how it happened and at what time the atmosphere was …

Dussehra was also celebrated in Amritsar in Punjab on Friday night. People also gathered to see the Ravana combustion near the wide market of the district and at that time DMU trains going from Amritsar to Jalandhar ran ahead in front of people. In this tragic accident, 60 people died and during the time of the accident there was very cumbersome. Know the spotlight there – how it happened and at what time the atmosphere was …

Amritsar: The dead bodies were all dead.

When Ravana was set on fire, there was a very strong voice of firecrackers. The train arrived at that time and people were watching Ravana and the train crushed the people who were on the track. Along with those who escaped from the train, they fell on the stones, causing them to hurt. When I saw, I was bleeding and the four bodies were corpses.

Every time the train was leased, it came on time yesterday.

We all went to see the fair. As soon as Ravana was set on fire, then on the other side, such a fast train came that no one even came to know and did not even know anything. For the first time, this fast train passed. Every time this train was leased and started after seven o’clock, but yesterday it was off at 6.45 pm.

The bodies were bouncing, due to which I also fell

Ravana was burning and the people were watching Ravana from the track. The train arrived at that time and after that the corpses came up and bumped into them also I fell.

Such as seen in 1947

He had seen and heard in films like this in 1947. After 1947, this was the first time seen in Amritsar that only bodies and only bodies were found here. Whatever is responsible for it, action will be taken.

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