Face beauty-Some beauty tips that will make you naturally beautiful

After your bath, try applying your face creams to your hands instead of your usual lotion and then slip on a pair of cotton gloves for added moisturizing softness. You’ll wake up with gorgeous hands.

The trick to fabulous beach lips is to go ever-so-slightly beyond your lip line with a light glaze of clear or pale pink gloss. Too much will run or smear after you’ve been in the water.

Women with heart shaped faces should avoid hairstyles that are short and fall at the nape of the neck. This only makes the face more pronounced. Instead, opt for longer styles with bangs that frame the jaw line.

Skin tint or tinted moisturizer will help even skin tone without looking caked on. Use a shimmering blush in coral or soft pink to make you look fresh and flushed.

(Face beauty-Some beauty tips that will make you naturally beautiful)

To avoid brittle nails, use a nail hardener that has a waterproof coating that is formulated to seal in moisture and keep out the dirt and water. Avoid using nail hardeners for long periods of time.

To effectively remove mascara, simply use cleanser to take away any traces.However, if you’re using waterproof mascara, you’ll want to apply a special makeup remover or tea tree oil to dissolve the mascara.

The purer the olive oil, the better the results. Olive oil helps reduce the buildup from largely synthetic hair care products and environmental contaminants that leave your hair feeling brittle and dull.

Women with short torsos can elongate their mid-section with a belt that is the same color as their outfit. Avoid wearing a belt in a different color, it will make it look like your torso’s been cut in half.

Not sure how to sport full brows? Try wearing a matte coral lip color with no gloss and a few coats of mascara. Or you can play up the look a bit by wearing a smoky eye and bright red lips.

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face beauty

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