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Facebook server down once again, now it’s been ok

Recently Facebook server down. There is a problem again in Facebook. Many people are complaining about not being open and locked.

UPDATE: About 45 minutes Facebook has been down for many users and people have trouble opening Facebook. Now it has been fixed.

The social media website Facebook is down for many users worldwide. This time people’s accounts are being locked and the new password is being asked to change. Many people are not able to open Facebook and the account lock is visible.

Update: People are having difficulty in opening Facebook for half an hour. Slowly more people’s accounts are locked. Twitter Trade is starting and people are getting different messaging error messages.

Facebook server down once again, now it’s been ok

Update: After about 45 minutes, Facebook is now open. Even on the down detector, people are saying that they are logging in again.

Facebook server down

It is serious to be logged out of Facebook and be logged out again and again. Because big hacking or data breach is similar. Many times, companies do this after large data breaks so that the accounts can be secured. It is difficult to say what has happened this time, because nothing has been said from the company till now.

Microblogging website Twitter People are complaining that Facebook is down, locked and not open. The graph is also rising on the down detector website, people from many countries of the world are reporting to Facebook Down.

According to users on Twitter, there is an error in logging in which it is written. “Login Error. An unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again.”

Last time when Facebook was down, people were given similar error messages. There is no statement of Facebook yet.

Last month Facebook and Instagram were down for a while.

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