Fire in Prayagraj Kumbh

Fire from cylinder’s blast in Prayagraj Kumbha, dozens of tents of Digambar Akhara burnt

Fire in Prayagraj Kumbh: In the Kumbh occurring in Prayagraj, there has already been an accident before the royal bath. There is a fire near Digambar Akhara in Prayagraj. It is being told that dozens of tents have been caught in the fire. Many fire brigade trains have reached the spot.

There has been a big accident in Kumbh, which started from Prayagraj on Tuesday. A fire broke out in the Digambar Akhara Tent here on Monday morning. The fire was so big that suddenly spread over a dozen tents. After the fire incident, many fire brigade trains have reached the spot. If officials believe the fire has been overrun.

Fire in Prayagraj Kumbh

If the eyewitnesses believe that the fire broke out due to the blast in the cylinder. Let us say that on Tuesday, the first royal bath in Prayagraj Kumbha is to be done, in this number of devotees have reached there number of crores. Police officers who arrived on the spot say that the fire has been taken over, while no harm has occurred to any person.

Some people present there told that a sudden fire broke out in a tent of Digambar Akhara, after which fire spread in adjacent tents. Many sectors have been made in Tent City near Prayagraj near Sangam. It is being told that the place where this tent is located is Sector 16 area.

Shishir, the information director of Kumbha administration, spoke to Aaj Tak and said that there was a mandate to cook food outside the tents, only there was a cylinder due to which the fire was set. He said that it was only after the fire started that it was overcome. He said that we have provided security related information to all, but due to negligence of some people this kind of incident has happened.

Let us tell you that on Tuesday, in the Prayagraj, the first royal bath is to mark Makar Sankranti. Because of this, there is a crowd of hundreds of devotees in Kumbha. In such a situation, the presence of fire before the beginning of the Aquarius raises questions about the administration.

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