Firing at yoga studio in Florida

Firing at yoga studio in Florida; 3 killed, 5 wounded, including attacker

Two people died in a firing on Friday evening in a yoga studio located in Tallahassee, Florida. Later the shooter also shot himself and took his own self. Four others injured in the incident. The attacker has not been identified. The motive of the incident has not been cleared.

Appeal to be cautious of people
Telhayasi police chief D-Leo says that the residents are complacent. People have been appealed to be careful while leaving homes.

City Commissioner Scott Maddox, expressing grief at the incident said that he had seen many bad incidents before, but worse than it was never seen before.

7 killed in IS attack in Egypt

Firing at yoga studio in Florida

On Friday, the Islamic State (IS) militants fired on a bus full of Christian pilgrims in Minyan province of Egypt. Seven people were killed in the attack. According to the local news agency, pilgrims were returning after visiting Saint Samuel Monastery 200 kilometers away from Cairo. Then the terrorists surrounded the bus and started firing.

Egyptian President Abdul Fateh al-Sisi condemned the attack and said that the culprits will not be spared. At present, Egyptian security forces are operating the operation to catch the attackers.

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