Firing in two mosques in New Zealand

Firing in two mosques in New Zealand, 27 killed, Bangladesh Cricket team survived from accident

Firing in two mosques in New Zealand: In the two mosques of Christchurch in New Zealand, firing of unknown assailants has stirred up. In the attack, there is news of the death of 27 people and many others injured. The first attack took place in the Al Noor Mosque. There is also news of firing in a mosque in Linwood, in the suburbs of Christchurch. According to reports, the attacker is still firing. It is being told that during the firing, Bangladesh cricket team was present in the mosque, but he managed to escape safely.

‘Attacking the helmet on the head’
If the eyewitnesses believe that the attacker is wearing black clothes and he was wearing a helmet on his head. He has an automatic weapon, from which he was firing. The New Zealand Police surrounded the entire area.

Bangladesh Cricket Team
According to reports, during the attack, the Bangladesh cricket team was right there. As soon as the information about the firing took place in the mosque, all the players came out of the mosque in some way with the rest of the people. All were brought back to the Oval grounds along the way along the nearby park. Let us know that Bangladesh cricket team is currently in New Zealand tour. On Saturday, the third test match between the two is to be played in Christchurch.

‘The darkest day of the country’

New Zealand’s PM Jasinda Ordnance has said it is the darkest day in the country, saying that there are firing from many places in the mosque. He urged the people to be in a safe place and said that the attacker is still active and he can harm the people. He said, ‘there is no place for violence in New Zealand.’

The crowd was in the mosque due to Juma prayer (Firing in two mosques in New Zealand)

Many people came to the mosque to pray for Juma. More than 200 people were present at the time of the attack in Al Noor Masjid, then the bullets were heard.

The attacker did Facebook Live?

There is also unconfirmed reports in the media that the attacker had made the Facebook live before the attack. However, according to reports, Facebook immediately suspended its account. New Zealand’s government has not confirmed the reports of the attacker’s Facebook Live.

Police bidding: Many people have died

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said that as far as I know, many people have been killed in this attack. The police has detained a man but he is an attacker, the police have no information about it. People have been asked to stay away from the mosque.

Eyewitnesses told creepy manor

Reedia New Zealand told the witnesses in the Al Nur mosque that at least four people were lying on the ground. The blood is spread all around. Another eyewitness told the media that the person dressed in a military style was carrying an automatic rifle and he suddenly started firing in Al Nur mosque.

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