makeup tips

If you want to look beautiful then follow the beauty secret tips.

      • Use baby oil for removing makeup.
      • Bug bites aren’t beautiful! But who wants to smell like chemicals on a great summer outing? Nobody does! Try preparing your own bug repellant using any of the citrus based essential oils? For some reason, the bugs don’t like it. You solve your problem and don’t have to smell like a refinery.
      • Next time you are at the beach, give yourself a body rub with sand. It will help exfoliate dead skin cells. Be sure to reapply your sunscreen afterward!
      • Mix your own perfumes and scents using essential oils. Using mineral oil as a carrier, mix a few drops of your favorite essential oils.
    • Have someone give you a scalp massage. A great rejuvenator.
    • Be daring, get a bikini wax!
    • Use Shea Butter for the ultimate softening of the skin.
    • Stop smoking. Do we need to say more?
    • Keep your hair clean! There’s nothing worse than dirty oily hair that hangs in clumps.
    • Use the correct shampoo for your hair type. Not all hair is created equal.
    • Hair looking drab? Need a change? Try a few highlights.It can do wonders for brightening up your hair and face.
    • Wanna’ try some curls but don’t want the damage of a perm? Try a curling iron and/or hot rollers. Hot rollers will give you more control, but you won’t get those wispy, trailing curls. That you will have to do with the curling iron.
    • Do not try and curl freshly cleaned hair. Try and remember to shampoo the night before. Squeaky clean hair can sometimes give you difficulty with holding a curl.

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