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Fortis Healthcare news : allegation of former promoter Malvinder, accused by younger brother Shivinder

Fortis Healthcare news: The quarrel between Fortis Healthcare’s former promoter brothers Malwinder Mohan Singh (45) and Shivinder Mohan Singh (43) has increased. Big Brother Malvinder has alleged that Shivender attacked him on Wednesday. On the other hand, Shivinder alleged in vain that Malvinder attacked him.

Shivinder scramble, threatens Malwinder(Fortis Healthcare News)

Malvinder posted a photo and video on Whatsapp, saying that on December 5 evening, at around 6 pm, Shivinder shot at 55 of Delhi, Hanuman Road. Malvinder says that Shivinder hurt him and threatened him too. As long as the team did not come apart, Shivinder used to fight with them.

According to media reports, Malvinder says that Shivinder was trying to interfere with the Prius Real Estate Company’s board meeting. The Prius gave a loan of Rs 2,000 crore to companies and his family of Gurinder Singh Dhillon. Dhillon is the spiritual master of Radha Swami Satsanga Beas and Malvinder-Shivinder’s family is their follower.

fortis healthcare news

Malvinder says that the company’s board meeting was convened to recover money from Dhillon Group. However, Shivendra obstructed the meeting by reaching the office, while he is not even a board member of Prius. Malvinder says that when he got the information, he reached the office where Shivinder attacked him.

Shivinder says that Malvinder’s allegations are false and baseless. He said that Malvinder had attacked him only. He also complained to the police. However, the mother and the other members of the family withdrew the complaint when asked.

According to media reports, Malvinder says that he went to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital for treatment. There they found internal injury in the hands and knees. Malvinder also said that he did not complain against Shivender on the family’s appeal.

Shivinder had filed a petition in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) in September, alleging dumping of Fortis over the elder brother Malvinder. However, withdrawn later. Shivinder said that mother and other family members advised to settle the dispute after meeting. After which, Shivinder decided to withdraw the petition.

Fortis 22 year old company(Fortis Healthcare news)

Shivinder and Malvinder Singh started Fortis Healthcare in 1996. With the capacity of 10,000 beds and 314 diagnostic centers at present, Fortis is offering its facilities in 45 cities. Its network is also in Dubai, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

Fortis Healthcare news

In February this year, both brothers were separated from Fortis

In 2016, the two brothers made the Forbes place at number 92 in the list of 100 richest Indians. At that time, the assets of both of them were Rs 8,864 crore. In the beginning of this year, Shivinder and Malvinder Singh alleged that they got Rs 500 crore without the approval of the company board. By February 2018, Executive Chairman and Chief Chairman of Malvinder Fortis was Vice-Chairman.

Malaysian company will take control stake

In November, Malaysia’s IHH Healthcare bought 31.1% stake in Fortis for Rs 4,000 crore. SEBI has also got approval for buying 26% additional stake in Fortis. The stake will be purchased for Rs 3,350 crore via open offer. Fortis, facing a financial crisis, was looking for an investor for a long time.

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