Jaish gangster Masood Azhar

France’s big action on terrorist Masood Azhar, will seize all properties in the country

After the veto by China on the proposal to declare jaish gangster Masood Azhar as a global terrorist in the United States, France has now decided to take action on this terrorist gang himself. France has now decided to seize the property of  Masood. This is the biggest action of France against Jays. In favor of Masood, China’s veto was criticized by many countries including the United States.

Masood will also be included in the list of EU terrorists!

In a joint statement issued by the French government’s Home Ministry and the Foreign Ministry on Friday, it has been said that France will talk about Masood’s involvement in the European Union’s terrorist list. On the other hand, there is tremendous global pressure on Pakistan to act on terrorist Masood. Jams took responsibility for the terrorist attack on the convoy of the CRPF in Pulwama. In this attack, 40 soldiers were martyred.

China had imposed a ban on the proposed global bans on Masood

It is noteworthy that for the fourth time, China had put a stop to declare Masood Azhar, the leader of Pakistan-based terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad, to be declared a global terrorist by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). A few minutes before the decision to declare Masood a global terrorist, China had banned the proposal using the veto. Let us tell you that China did the same in 2017 too. This was the fourth proposal to declare Azhar as a global terrorist in the last 10 years in the United Nations.

France, the United Kingdom and the United States had proposed in the UN (Jaish gangster Masood Azhar )

After the Pulwama terrorist attack, Britain and the United States under the leadership of France had proposed a proposal in the United Nations Security Council against Masood. It is notable that India has long been focusing on the Security Council’s attention that the United Nations has imposed a ban on Jaish, but it is not being banned from the founder. Azhar lives in Kausar Colony in Bahawalpur, Punjab, . After the Jaish attack on the Indian Air Force base in Pathankot, Punjab in January 2016, India had intensified its efforts to ban the Azhar from United Nations. India also received support from America, Britain and France, but China opposed it.

UN diplomats warned China

Diplomats of the United Nations Security Council have warned China. Diplomats said that if China becomes a barrier to the declaration of Jaish-e-Mohammad’s donor Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, then he may be forced to take action on this. A diplomat of the Security Council warned China, “If China continues to create obstacles in this work, then responsible member countries can be forced to take other steps in the Security Council.” Such a situation should not arise. ‘ The diplomat said this on the condition of keeping his identity confidential.

America also criticized China’s move

He also criticized Pakistan for reliance on China to save active terrorist groups and its donors on Pakistan’s land. US President Donald Trump and Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Robert Paladino also said that there are enough reasons for Azhar Masood to be declared a global terrorist. American Congressman Brad Sherman said, “China once again stopped the United Nations from banning the Jaish-e-Mohammed’s mastermind Masood Azhar, who had attacked the Pulwama in India in February. I appeal to China to allow the United Nations to ban Azhar. ”

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