FUEL / The highest 15% reduction in the rate of air fuels, the price decreased from petrol and diesel

FUEL: Oil companies have reduced air fuels (ATF) rates by 14.7% (9,990 / kg liter). This is the biggest cut till now. After this, the price of ATF has been Rs 58,060.97 per kg liter. One kilo liter is 1000 liters. Accordingly, the rate of ATF has been reduced to Rs 58.06 per liter. It is less than petrol-diesel. A liter petrol in Delhi is priced at 68.65 and diesel is priced at Rs 62.66. The current rate of ATF has been reduced in non-ration kerosene in Mumbai.

Petrol-diesel, cheaper ATF than kerosene

FuelRate in Delhi (Rs / liter)Rate in Mumbai (Rs / liter)

Oil companies make changes in the rates of ATF on the first date of every month. Prices are fixed according to average international prices and rupee-dollar exchange rate. On December 1, 2018 ATF rate was reduced by 10.9% (8,327.83 / kg liter).

Airline companies will get relief
The current rate of air fuels is lowest after January 2018. At that time, the price was Rs 57,460 per kilo liter in Delhi. Air fuels will be cheaper due to the losses of aircraft companies struggling with losses. In the past year, most airlines suffered losses.

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