Gaganyaan: Countdown to reach Indians on the last front

The central cabinet approved the ambitious Gaganyaan Yojana on Friday. Under this, there are plans to send three astronauts to the earth orbit for 7 days. Gaganyaan will cost Rs 10 thousand crore. It is to be used in 2022, which is a very tight deadline.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), which has been working on its human space mission for the last decade, and finally the Cabinet gave its green signal to this ambitious mission on Friday. ISRO plans to send 3 space travelers to Earth orbit for 7 days. 10,000 crore will be spent on this mission and in 2022 this will be implemented. In terms of security technology, this is a very tight deadline. Let us tell you what ISRO will need to do during this ambitious mission.

Launch (Gaganyaan)

First of all, ISRO will need Launch Vehicle i.e. Rocket. GSLV Mark 2 has been flying 2 times so far. Before carrying human, he must fly successfully at least 4 times in a row. Only then will it get the necessary ratings for human missions. ISRO has planned to improve the efficiency of the safety and engine for human rating.

Crew escape system

Human space missions require the evolution of the crew escape system, which can pre-alert any potential disturbances and separate crew modules. This system will require a new bike for continuous testing, which ISRO is preparing.

Environment Control and Life Support System

This technology is absolutely new to ISRO. This system provides a comfortable environment for crew members. ISRO can take help of Russia to develop it.

Ground station

Since the spacecraft revolves around the earth, it is necessary to monitor human flight. Therefore, ISRO will need to develop some ground stations in India for this. Apart from this, it will need to launch monitoring satellites through the Indian Data Relay Satellite System (IDRSS). Work is going on for this.

Crew training

The crew must be selected and after that they have to be trained. Under this program, the Crew Member may be isolated and counseling after the mission. This training will last for 2 years. There are indications that a test of about 200 pilots of Indian Air Force will be taken and some of them will be shortlisted.

Why ISRO is so fond of sending human beings in space?

Human space mission works for promotion of technology. If ISRO does not start a human space mission then India may be left behind in some key space technologies.

Sending humans into space is a very exciting stimulus for any country. This kind of mission of ISRO is a good way to inspire young people to join the organization. Apart from this, the successful human mission will enhance ISRO’s international reputation, which is an important factor in future cooperation.

  • Cabinet gives approval to the ambitious space mission Gaganyan on Friday
  • ISRO has been working on this plan for a decade, spending 10 million crores
  • Plan for sending 3 space-passengers in space orbit for 7 days in space
  • Gaganaya will be launch in 2022, in terms of space science, tight deadline

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