Priyanka gandhi Ganga Yatra

Ganga Yatra / Priyanka Kashi reached, Modi workers shouting slogans Congress workers beaten by Congressmen

Priyanka gandhi Ganga Yatra: Varanasi. Today’s last day of Congress’s national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s Ganga Yatra. Priyanka reached Ramnagar from Chanar in Mirzapur. BJP workers were beaten by the Congress workers by shouting Modi’s slogans. Priyanka Gandhi has landed in the boat from Ramnagar to eighty Ghat. The Voyagers at the eighty Ghats are addressing the conference.

Earlier in Ramnagar, he was the former prime minister himself. Wreaths on the statue of Lal Bahadur Shastri. Meanwhile, Congress workers greeted Priyanka with flowers and shouted slogans. Here Priyanka also met Diwakar Shastri, grandson of Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Priyanka’s program changes

Priyanka’s program had a minor change on Wednesday. Priyanka from Mirzapur left the car for Ramnagar. In Ramnagar, he is the former prime minister himself. Came to the house of Lal Bahadur Shastri. After this, the journey to Kashi will be decided by the boat again. According to sources, in Mirzapur, the Ganga did not get permission from the boat due to low water.

Priyanka will worship Baba Vishwanath Temple in Kashi and Kotwal of Kashi at Bhairav ​​Mandir. Priyanka will meet the family of CRPF jawan Avdesh Yadav and Ramesh Yadav, who were martyred in the Pulwama attack. In the evening you will be away to Delhi. However, due to the change in the program, the Darshan of the Shital Mata Temple in Chunar has also been postponed.

Yesterday went to the temple and the dargah

Prior to this, on Tuesday, Priyanka marched in Mirzapur in the court of Mother Vindhavsinini and cloth on the dargah of Khawaja Janab Ismail Chisti. Priyanka started her second day’s journey by worshiping Sita at Sitamarhi on Tuesday morning.

140 km of Ganga yatra concludes (Priyanka gandhi Ganga Yatra)

The Congress General Secretary started the three-day Ganga Yatra and Sanchi talk program on Monday on the Sangam shores of Prayag Raja by donating and garnering the Ganga. From Maniya Ghat, Priyanka went on a journey to six Lok Sabha constituencies to contact the people living on the Ganges. Earlier, he had appeared for Late Hanuman and Akshayvat. People welcomed him everywhere. Priyanka blamed Modi’s chowkidhi campaign, saying that the watchmen are rich and do not belong to the poor. The first day’s journey ended in Sitamarhi.

Priyanka eyes six seats in Lok Sabha

Ganga flows in five districts from Varanasi to Prayagraj. Priyanka is eyeing six Lok Sabha seats in these districts. Congress was at number four in the 2009 elections. Here, Priyanka has started the Ganga Journey to bring new energy to the booth level workers of Congress. This three-day trip to Varanasi from Prayagraj of Priyanka will be concluded on 20th March. Priyanka’s special focus on Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj and Varanasi, which has a special place in the political map of the country.

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