Godhra incident

Godhra incident: Train bogie burnt for to shoot documentary to be made on Narendra modi

Godhra incident: A coach of the train was set on fire on Sunday for shooting a documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This was done to film the scene of the 2002 Godhra incident. A Western Railway official said that the reserve was kept reserved for the bogie mock drill handed over to the fire. Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at Godhra.

According to Dodra Railway Division spokesman Khemraj Meena, “We have charged the manufacturers for this. He was allowed four days to shoot at Broad Gauge-Narrow Gauge on Pratapnagar and Vishwamitra Route. On Monday was the last day of the shoot. The producers have told that after the shoot, the bogies should be returned to the same condition as is being given. ”

Set also made in Mumbai

Director Umesh Shukla said that the scene of burning of the train in Godhra was filmed at Pratap Nagar station. The set was made near the coach care center only. At the same time, according to the shooting’s supervising executive, this bogey was used to show the burning sensation of the train. For the shooting of Godhra, a set was made in Mumbai too.

After riots in Gujarat, riots in Gujarat

59 kar sevaks were killed in the fire on February 27, 2002 in Godhra, Gujarat. After this riots broke out in many cities of Gujarat. More than 1000 people of minority community in riots

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