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H-1B visa can be proposed to change, 100 Indian companies may have the effect

The Trump Administration has sent a proposal for change in the H-1B visa policy. Under this, only foreign workers will be able to work in American companies which will be the best. Recently President Donald Trump had said that only jobs can be made in the US, who can be qualified and help the country. There are 100 Indian companies in 50 US states There are 1 lakh 13 thousand people working in this.

Impact on Indian companies

The biggest impact of the proposal of Trump Administration will be on Indian IT companies in the US. These companies call employees America under the H-1B visa.

On Wednesday, the US Department of State and US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) have prepared a proposal for January 2019. According to this, H-1B visas will be given to foreign workers who are top in their work.

According to the US Home Ministry – we want to truly change the definition of employment so that relations of company and employee can be improved. Additionally, US employees and their salaries can be protected.

The officers also said that the proposal has also asked H-1B visa holders to get the proper salary. The Home Ministry has also proposed that H-1B Visas of H-4 Visas will be considered as Alien Eligible for Employment. An alien registration card is issued in the US. Its holder is considered a legitimate expatriate who has the right to work and live in America.

According to the U.S. Home Office – the demand for H-1B visas in general is quite high. We are considering introducing electronic registration program for applications. Under this, immigration services will be able to better manage H-1B applications.

H-1B is a non-immigrant visa issued to foreign workers working in American companies. Tech companies call thousands of employees from countries like India and China on this basis. Generally for the foreign workers this visa period is three to six years.

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