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Health news: Even till the age of 30, ‘mind child is’

Health news: A new research has revealed that people do not become adult until they cross the age of 30. If the brain researchers believe that the entire development of the brain is completed by 18, but not at the age of 30 years.

Scientists say that the process of functioning, development and sorting of nerves in the person’s brain continues from the womb and persists for several decades. The process of development of mind and changes in the brain have a major impact on the behavior of the youth. This makes them susceptible to mental distress.

Development continues even after adolescence is over

During adolescence, children often experience problems associated with behavior. It is seen by adding to the turmoil in this age at this age and it is believed that these troubles are over when the end of the tunage, but this is not so.

According to Peter Jones, neuroscience professor at Cambridge University, “The definition that has come to adulthood since childhood has started to be absurd.”

All these things about brain are myth (Health news)

‘The development of mind from childhood to adulthood is quite subtle and continues for about three decades. Education system, health system and law and order have defined its definition for its convenience.

However, he also said that these systems have been making changes in themselves. Regardless of the legal definition of adulthood, however, experienced judges know the difference between a 19-year accused and a criminal who has crossed the age of 30.

Every person’s brain development is different
University of California Professor Daniel Geshwand emphasized that the level of development of each person’s brain is different. He said that for practical reasons, education systems have made a mistake to focus on groups instead of individuals.

Scientists also discussed the effect of environmental impact on psychological conditions such as schizophrenia. According to him, it is common to see the symptoms of schizophrenia in teenage and early tuentes. Once the brain clears its circuits and becomes fully developed, then the person is at risk of any kind of psychosis.

According to Professor Jones, the people who live in cities, especially the poor and migrant population, are more prone to mental disorders due to the surrounding environmental impact.

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