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Healthy Diet plan: A few tips from Low Fat Foods that will keep you healthy

Healthy Diet plan: It is very difficult to remain healthy in today’s time. The pressure of work is so much that exercise and the time to do yoga will not survive. If you do not have the time to exercise and yoga, you can be healthy by doing some changes in the food.

Breakfast Healthy Diet plan:

• Non-fat cereal with skim milk and fruit.
• Toast with Jelly – (no butter, no margarine).
• Bagel with Jelly/fat free cream cheese – (no butter, no margarine).
• Egg substitute French Toast (no butter).
• Egg substitute sandwiches (no mayonnaise or no fat mayonnaise).
• Egg substitute omelets (vegetable, no cheese or no fat cheese).
• No Meats, butter, cheeses or egg yolks.
• Even no fat restaurant breakfasts are cooked with butter or oil

Healthy Diet plan

Lunch Healthy Diet plan:

• Turkey sandwich:
1 slice of 97% fat free turkey
1 slice of fat free cheese
mustard, lettuce, tomato

• No chips (fat free chips), potato/macaroni salad or anything with real   mayonnaise
• Fat free, no salt pretzels.
• Salad (No croutons, cheese, olives, oil, dressing, eggs, chickpeas).
• Use fat free dressing sparingly and on the side.
• You can include water packed tuna, chicken (white meat), and turkey.
• Bread (no butter or margarine).

Dinner Healthy Diet plan:

• Turkey (less fat than chicken), whole sliced not pressed.
• Vegetables (steamed) cooked without butter.
• Potatoes (baked, no sour cream or butter – try mustard or salsa).
• Bread (no butter or margarine).


• Jell-O, Fresh Fruit, Fat free pudding snacks.
• Fat free cookies and crackers.
• Angel Food Cake (NOT pound cake).
• Bread – Be careful of oil soaked bread like Italian restaurant bread sticks.
• Coffee/Tea – Use non-fat milk or none.
• Fat free is good but you still have to count calories.
• Use FAT FREE low calorie protein supplement if needed for weight training

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