Home remedies of joint pain
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Home remedies of joint pain – Leave the pain without eating the medicine

Pain does not tolerate? Do not pick up painkillers in pain, head, shoulders, back or back. If so, you are unwittingly increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke hitting 50%. According to the UK’s famous pharmaceutical manufacturer ‘Healthspain’ home remedies for getting rid of the pain in different parts of the body have taken place.

The company’s director Dr. Sarah Brewer’s immediate painkiller gives immediate relief from the pain, but also causes many other side effects of burning chest, burning sensation, ulcers and stomach pain. Their excessive intake may have to deal with heart diseases.

He told that pain relief drugs slow the speed of the kidneys to remove water and sodium from the body. This increases blood flow. Also, due to excessive pressure in blood delivery to the organs, there is a danger of arterial blows and the person’s heart attack is in jeopardy.

Headache and migraines (Home remedies of joint pain)

Chew the leaves of bubbling flowers
It is effective in reducing the headache by chewing the pallets of flowers that are equipped with painkillers.
In 70% of cases, it was found to get rid of headache, cheek, nausea, vomiting, flowers of baboon flowers.

Drink mint water
Helpful mineralization helps maintain coolness of body temperature, makes Tanjaman feel cool. Regularly drinking it leads to headache, as well as increase in productivity due to its refreshing heart.

Spinach, gram and banana eat
Magnesium is considered to be important in providing energy to the cells present in the brain. More than half of migraine victims have seen its decrease. Therefore, spinach with magnesium in the gourmet diet, gram. Rajma, almond, egg, banana recommend to take.

Joint pain

Take a bucket of hot water. Add two cups of rock salt in it and keep the legs for 20 minutes. After adding a painkiller to the joint, 10 to 15 minutes can also be effective. If the ice does not bear the coolness of warm water then you can do it.

Exercise is extremely important
Raising two minutes without resorting to the chair, sitting and lying down, straightening the legs and raising them in the upper direction is very effective.

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