Dalits/How are the Dalits and the Odd Partner, becoming away from the BJP?

Dalits: Since the resignation of BJP MP Savitri Bai Phule from Bahraich, everyone’s eyes are on the angry Dalit MPs who are angry with the party.

‘Stop blaming my Dalit brothers, if you want to strike then attack me’ You do not remember the speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. From time to time, the entire Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has shown its oppressed love. However, after the change in the SC-ST Act, the Modi government on the target of upper caste people is facing the resentment of many Dalit leaders. Before the Ain Lok Sabha elections, BJP MP from Bahraich Savitri Bai Phule has resigned from the party. The special thing is that he decided to leave the BJP on the Mahaparinirvana day of Constitution maker Bhimrao Ambedkar. Savitri Bai Phule is not the only Dalit leader, who is upset with the Modi government. There are dozens of dalit leaders who keep showing eyes to their top leadership.


 Dalits-Ramdas Athavale

Union Minister and Republican Party of India President Ramdas Athawale, in a statement, raised the BJP’s discomfort. Athawale had said, “Naseem Khan of Congress is saying that you come with us. I stayed in Congress for 10-15 years, and I would have to stay there for 15-20 years. ‘ He said that till the BJP government is there I will be here. When Athwale said, ‘When I guess I am in the direction of wind, then I will make a decision’. Athawale is the only MP of his party.

Udit Raj

The first name in this list is Udit Raj. Udit Raj, founder of the Indian Justice Party, had become Kesariyam in the 2014 General Elections and Modi became the MP from Delhi’s North West seat in the wave. But in five years he has opposed the Modi government in public forums. Speaking about the end of the reservation of 80 to 90 per cent, Udit Raj had accused his own government of unheeding his talk. Prior to this, Udit Raj has said that the dalit minister of the Modi government has forgotten his duty towards the community. Due to this, the Dalit society is going away from BJP.

Cottage cheese

BJP MP from Chhattisgarh, from Robertsganj in Uttar Pradesh has also expressed his displeasure with the BJP government headed by CM Yogi Adityanath. He wrote a letter to PM Modi. In this letter, he wrote, ‘He has been raising voice against the corruption in the district administration and forest department of Chandauli for the last three years. The top officials of the district are harassing them. In the case, BJP MP met CM Yogi twice, but CM scolded him. Apart from the CM Yogi, BJP has complained to state president Mahendra Nath Pandey and organization minister Sunil Bansal. However, Prime Minister Modi gave assurance of action on the complaint of Kharwar. Since then, he became calm. But sometimes the issue of Dalits continues. Khawar 2014 had left the party before the elections and came to BJP.

Ashok dual

Just like Chhali Lal Khawar, MP from Etawah of UP, Ashok Dwoh has also fomented his anger against BJP leaders including CM Yogi. In the past, he wrote a letter to PM Modi and said, “After the ‘Bharat Bandh’ on April 2, the governments of the SC / ST groups in Uttar Pradesh and other states including Uttar Pradesh are trapped in false cases. They are being tortured. ‘ He alleged that the police was killing innocent people by using caste words and taking them out of the house. It is increasing the sense of anger and insecurity in these sections. Ashok Dual, who was minister in the BSP government, also came to BJP in 2013 and won the 2014 election.

Yashwant Singh

BJP MP from Nagina, Yashwant Singh has also expressed resentment with the Modi government about the dalits. Yashwant Singh, who came from Jatav Samaj, had accused the Modi government that nothing was done directly for him from the Dalit community having a population of 300 million in 4 years. Completion of backlog, passing reservation bill in promotions, reservation in private jobs etc were not fulfilled. He wrote a letter to PM Modi and said that the Dalit MPs of BJP are becoming victims of harassment. The public is unable to respond to many issues. Like Ashok Dowry, Yashwant Singh has also been a minister in the BSP government, and in 2014, BJP has become a thamkar MP.

This leader is important because for BJP, because in the safe 80 seats of the country, at 40 (with Bahraich) represent the party. In all the 17 reserved seats in Uttar Pradesh, 80 seats, BJP won a grand victory in 2014. Of these, Savitri Bai Phule broke away from the party. According to the 2011 census, the population of Dalits in the country is about 17 per cent. In the elections of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Dalit voters play a very important role. Considering the political power of the dalits, the BJP keeps engaged in the exercise of bringing them in the rear. But the resentment of the BJP’s Dalit leaders is headache for him.

Not only Dalit but backward politicians

Leaders who have not left Dalit alone for Lok Sabha elections for the BJP, have also raised the problems. The regional party of Bihar may be different from the National LokSamata Party (RLD), NDA. RLSP President Upendra Kushwaha, while pointing out that the 2019 election should not be fought with the BJP, said that people are getting excited about our future strategy. I want to clear them that all his efforts to settle the settlement have not been successful yet. Therefore, in the days to come, he quotes a poem of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar saying, ‘There is no anticipation now.

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