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How to be healthy – 15 Best Health Tips

How to be healthy: Living a healthy life is an art of today – not getting enough time in a fast life so that we can do our best care, but you can live a happy and healthy life by adding the routine that is mentioned here in your daily routine.

  1. After warming up in the morning, after drinking lukewarm water, drink warm water, your stomach will be cleaned and fat will not grow too.
  2. Adding sprouts, milk, curd, poha, fresh fruits, etc. in the morning breakfast.
  3. Lunch should be done at lunchtime, yogurt should be eaten.
  4. Eating dinner ate 1 hour before sleeping, the extra chilies survived the spicy food.
  5. Drink plenty of plain water after 30 minutes after eating it.
  6. Give vegetarian food its importance, such as Sprouted grains, mixing lentils, green vegetables, milk, yogurt, etc.
  7. After eating, please walk 15 to 20 minutes.
  8. Make a habit of strolling fresh air every morning, this will give you energy all day long.
  9. Forget about eating habits again and again.
  10. Avoid taking any kind of stress, if any kind of stress is in the brain, then try to get it out early.
  11. Make a habit of taking a deep saree.
  12. Avoid annoyance at small things, by doing so you will be away from the problems of B.P.
  13. Sit with your family and talk to each other.
  14. Whenever you get a chance to get out with a family or friends
  15. If you take complete sleep at night then you will be good all day and you will be able to complete the work.

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