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Hummer H Series diesel-powered

Hummer H – The Hummer H2 is the first civilian vehicle brand after the Hummer H1 military, which became famous through the Gulf War. Steadily, the H1 became popular with Hollywood stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who possessed his. It really is from here that General Motors, owner of the mark since 1998, decided to design the Hummer H2, to a family event use, not military.

Shorter and narrower than the Hummer H1, Hummer H2, however, retains considerable dimensions in relation to the other large SUV US. That also shares its body with the Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, and The cadillac Escalade. Using its 2 metres high, Engine 4. 82 metres long and 2. summer meters wide, H2 SUT it is one of the biggest vehicles in its course. The design was to some degree softened compared to the military vehicle, thus demonstrating the need to make it a mainstream vehicle.

(Hummer H Series diesel-powered)

The interior is luxurious with heated and electric leather seats, on-board computer, renowned hi-fi system, and devices of all sorts. This is also the case of the shoe since the rear seating are foldable 2/3 one-half thanks to a very ingenious system.

The engine is a 6-liter OF V8 developing 325 hp. The transfer box, front and rear differential locks and high ground clearance make crossing easy, even if the H2 is rationally less comfortable than the H1 in this area. The H2 also experienced a 6. 2-liter OF V8 that develops 398 horsepower.

The H2 holds relatively well the road for a car of this size even whether it tends to too much understeer in dynamic driving. Of course, if its top rate is limited to one humdred and fifty km / h in the United States, the European version reaches a hundred seventy five km / h. About the other hand, scheduled to the high mass of 3 tons, stopping can quickly prove not enough.

The Hummer H2 is highly successful in the United States. Hummer H2 also appeared in numerous music videos for reputation. Its price of just over $57, 500 in the us, rendering it more affordable than in Europe, where it is sold at around EUR70, 000, with a much more limited division.

The H2 is also known as the vehicle of the series CSI: Miami agents of the scientific laboratory. Additionally, it persisted in pick-up version known as H2 SUT. A diesel engine H2 – unofficial was “marketed”. This is actually a conversion, made by some owners, from the 6. 6-liter Duramax 360-hp to practically 900 Nm.

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