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Imran Khan, who justified the terrorist Adil Dar, speaking on Kashmir?

Pakistan has panicked with the strong action of India. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, while giving a statement in his parliament on Thursday said that he wants peace and does not want to fight. In his statement, Imran Khan once again condemned India and justified terrorism. Imran Khan was seen presenting a clean-up about Adil Ahmed Dar, the offender of the terrorist attack in Pulwama.

Imran  alleged that India’s government is oppressing Kashmir, this is the reason why a 20-year-old boy made himself a human bomb. He said that because Adil Ahmed Dar was talking about independence, so he took away himself.

While defending the Jaish-Terrorist Adil Ahmed Dar, Imran Khan also mentioned the Tamil Tigers. He said that Pakistan has been facing terrorism on its land for the last 20 years.

Jays himself released the statement

But it seems that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has forgotten that on behalf of Jaish-e-Mohammed itself it has been confirmed that this attack was done by its local terrorists. Jaisa’s gangster Maulana Masood Azhar also praised Adil Ahmed Dar by releasing the audio.

Referring to the current situation, Imran Khan once again blamed the tone of Kashmir and said that the demand for freedom in Kashmir has increased in the last four years. He said that Hindus of India should ask their government questions about this.

Imran khan said – Kashmiri want freedom!

Imran said that when I went there 20 years ago, the people of Kashmir were with Hindustan, but now the people of Kashmir do not want anything except independence.

Significantly, on February 14, 40 soldiers were killed in a terror attack in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. The terrorist of Jaish-e-Mohammed, Adil Ahmed Dar, was involved in a car bomb explosion in the CRPF convoy, which had a big explosion. Shortly after the attack, Jaish-e-Mohammed took responsibility for it.

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