BJP manifesto

In the BJP manifesto, the loan of Rs.1 lakh on the Kisan Credit Card will be free of cost, all the farmers will be entitled to the Honorary fund

BJP announces election manifesto for Lok Sabha elections In this, 75 resolutions have been kept in mind while completing 75 years of independence of the country. It was claimed that it was prepared with the help of six million people. It has been named ‘Concept India, Strong India’.

BJP promises in the manifesto

BJP’s main issues: BJP’s commitment to uniform civil code will continue. The Citizenship Amendment Bill will pass from both the Houses and apply it, but save the culture and linguistic identity of any state. We also repeat the resolution of Ram temple. It will be our endeavor that Ram Mandir will be constructed as soon as possible. Will remove Article 35-A from Kashmir

Village-Farmers: 25 lakh crore We will spend in the development of rural areas. We will double the income of the farmers by 2022. Keeping a loan of Rs 1 lakh on Kisan Credit Card will keep interest free for five years. Start the pension scheme for all farmers. In order to ensure their social security after 60 years of age. We will build a museum for tribal freedom fighters. In the hilly, tribal and rain-irrigated areas, 2 million hectares of additional land will encourage chemical free organic farming.

Infrastructure: LPG cylinders will provide pucca houses for each family. 100% electrification of all houses Highways will double The railways which will be able to convert to broad gauge by 2022. Try to electrify all the railway lines altogether. Promote digital transactions. Digital services will digitize

Education, Youth and Researchers: Identifying 22 areas that accelerate the Indian economy and create new employment opportunities in them. The National Teacher Training Institute will replace Start smart classes in classes. In Central, Law Engineering, Science and Management institutions, we will take all necessary steps to increase 50% seats in five years. In the next five years, 50 excellent institutions of higher education will be established.

Health: 1.25 lakh health care centers will be set up under Ayushman Bharat. By 2022, 75 medical colleges or postgraduate medical colleges will be established. By 2024, MBBS and specialist doctors will double the number. Will try to get a doctor on every 1400 patients. By 2022, all children and pregnant women will be immunized.

Security: zero tolerance policy for terror will remain. We strictly prohibit infiltration in India.

Women: Women’s participation in armies has increased. Now it will increase in every area. By amending the Constitution, the Parliament and the Legislative Assemblies are committed to give 33% reservation to women.

Merchants:The National Trade Commission will create concerns about traders and businessmen. Shoppers will give pension after the age of 60. India’s rank better in eyes of doing business The exports will double. Work on creating a single window and compliance department for the enterprises.

Modi said: now will fulfill the dreams of the country

During the announcement of the resolution letter, Modi said, “We have addressed the needs of the common people in our work from 2014 to 2019. The country has been running with dreams. What was to be done in the 1950-60 period was that I had to do it from 14 to 19 First we ran the plans to fulfill the needs and now work to fulfill the dream of the country. To fight poverty, people sitting in the AC in Delhi can not defeat poverty. I also sit in the AC so no one can make such a claim. Poor can eliminate poverty only. ”

Shah said: Modi government brought economy of the country from 11th to 6th

Prior to the announcement of the declaration, Amit Shah said that whenever the history will be written from 2014 to 2019, it will have to be marked in five years in golden letters. In these five years the BJP has been given a decisive government. Work has been done to raise 50 million poor. Modiji’s government has successfully made efforts to provide basic amenities like gas cylinders, electricity, home, health to the needy. The Modi government has done such a thing that the entire world has to think about the country’s economy. Our economy was at eleventh number in 2014. Today, we reached the 6th position and are rapidly moving towards the fifth place.

7 leaders on the stage, not Advani-Joshi

Apart from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP President Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Thavarchand Gehlot and Ramlal were present on the BJP’s forum on the issue of resolution letters. LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi were not on stage. In the presence of these two leaders on almost every occasion before 2014 and before, the BJP had issued a manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections.

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