In the money laundering case

In the money laundering case from Robert Vadra, ED questioned 2 hours in second round

In the money laundering case, Robert Vadra has been in question for about two hours in the second round today. After reaching the ED office, Vadra came out of the office about two hours later. He was also questioned for more than 6 hours on Wednesday. Rajasthan ED, who is also the husband of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, is going to inquire soon.

Vadra, who was implicated in money laundering, has been granted anticipatory bail from the Delhi court. Explain that the court had given strict instructions on granting anticipatory bail to the full support in the investigation. Vadra’s lawyer also gave assurance of cooperation. It is not yet known who asked questions on which questions he was asked today. Although, Vadra was feeling calm while leaving the office, but he did not talk to the media.

Sources say that in the interrogation round before Vadra, ED asked for information about their London property. Also inquired about his relationship with the businessman named Sanjay Bhandari. ED also asked for information about some emails from Robert Vadra. Let me tell you that BJP is claiming Vadra 8-9 property in London.

Priyanka Gandhi standing with her husband
Priyanka Gandhi, who recently stepped in politics, not only left Vadra to leave the ED office but also made it clear that she was standing with her husband and family. At the same time, he clarified with his stance that soon a big fight could be seen between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party on the political platform.

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