INDIA CHINA/ India will shock China in the new year, this is planning of Modi government

INDIA CHINA It will tell you how the relationship between India and China will be in the new year, but on the first day of the year, Modi Government has given a shock to China.

The new year has already started. It has been reported on the first day of the year that the Modi government is going to make such a decision to save the country’s entrepreneurs, which would harm China and benefit India. According to the news agency PTI, Modi Government is preparing to impose anti-dumping duty on synthetic rubber imported from China. This rubber is used primarily in vehicles and other industries. The final decision in this regard is to the finance ministry.

18 month restriction

In fact, the Directorate General of Trade In-Trade (DGTR), Department of Commerce, has recommended imposing anti-dumping duty at the rate of 0.078 to 7.31 dollars per kg on synthetic rubber imported from China (Floriolastomers). According to DGTR, imposing anti-dumping duty on synthetic rubber import is necessary. This fee will be levied for 18 months. But the final decision will be made by the Finance Ministry. In January 2018, Gujarat Florochemicals complained to the DGTR that this product is being dumped from China.

What will be the effect

If in a simple language, if the domestic industry of a country is threatened due to the cheap goods coming from outside, the government imposes an anti-dumping duty to protect it. This increases the price of goods coming out of the house and becomes more expensive than the domestic market. That is, the government’s decision is going to affect the Chinese companies directly.

In December also gave shock(INDIA CHINA)

Earlier in the last decade also, India had taken an important decision against China. Indeed, India has extended the deadline for restrictions imposed on imports of food products such as milk and milk made of chocolate. However, this restriction was imposed in September 2008. The ban has been continuously extended since then. In December, the restriction on imports of these products has been extended to the four-month period ie 23 April, 2019.

Why restriction felt

About ten years ago, such reports had come that chemical substances called melamine are being mixed in a product made from milk or milk imported from China. Melamine is a type of chemical substance that is used in industrial processes including plastic formation. There is a possibility of cancer, paralysis, and kidney diseases due to this chemical. This chemical has been banned in many countries of the world.

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