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India new siege on Masood Azhar. America, France and Britain are also talking to China

masood azhar news today: Attempts to include the terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad’s gangster Masood Azhar in the list of global terrorists are not over yet. India is making all-round pressures to declare Masood a global terrorist.

On the other hand, the United States, France and Britain have adopted a tough stance against Masood in favor of China after the veto of China. Where India has expressed disappointment over China’s proposal to veto this proposal, the US, France and Britain are still discussing this matter with China. If Azhar is not declared a global terrorist despite the three countries’ efforts, then the three countries are also considering the proposal of open debate on this issue in the UN’s most powerful arm (United Nations General Assembly). Keeping this issue in mind, the three countries are discussing ‘positive’ with China over the past 50 hours.

India’s official sources said that India is still working on declaring Masood a global terrorist with the UN Security Council’s ban committee. Sources said that India will have as much patience as possible in this matter. We are careful and optimistic that Masood will be banned. China has to solve many issues with Pakistan. We have 14 members’ support.

It is believed that the United States, France and Britain are now discussing ‘positive’ with China, so that no one is going to declare Masood Azhar, the terrorist organization of the terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad as a global terrorist in the United Nations Security Council. Can be ‘compromised’. According to the knowledgeable people of this case, America, France and Britain are also talking to China regarding the language of the proposal to declare Azhar as a global terrorist.

Explain that China had disrupted the proposal presented in the UN Security Council’s Prohibition Committee on Wednesday for declaring Azhar as a global terrorist, for the fourth time through the right of its veto. This proposal was introduced by the United States, France and Britain only. The three countries had proposed a few days after the tension was mounting between India and Pakistan due to the Jaish-e-Mohammad attack on February 14 in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. 44 CRPF personnel were martyred in this attack.

Will open debate (masood azhar news today)

According to the wise people of the case, if Azhar is not declared a global terrorist despite this effort, then three permanent members are planning to present the proposal in the United Nations General Assembly for an open debate on this issue. India has expressed disappointment over this attitude of China, and countries offering proposals have warned that they will consider ‘other steps’ to achieve their goal.

Talk to China for 50 hours

Internal negotiations of the Security Council Committee are kept confidential, but this time, many members of the desperate council of China have kept their identity confidential and told the media how China is playing a negative role with China’s inappropriate attitude to save the terrorist. It is believed that the original sponsor of the proposal has been discussing ‘Good Faith’ with China for the past 50 hours, which many people of the case have termed as “compromise”.

The idea will be on the language of the proposal

It probably means that Azhar will be declared a global terrorist in the United Nations Security Council committee, but the language used when it is declared a terrorist will be such that it is acceptable to China. It is believed that China has suggested ‘some changes’ in the language of declaring Azhar as a terrorist and America, Britain and France are considering these suggestions.

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The three countries have indicated that if the original motif of the proposal does not change and ultimately Azhar is declared a global terrorist, then he is willing to accept China’s request for a change in language. But unlike the other members of the United States, France, Britain and the Security Council, unlike the past, this time, China is not willing to wait too long until the conclusion of negotiations concludes.

Expectations of results in a few days

It is believed that these countries have been informed by China that they are seriously considering other options. They are especially considering open debate, after which the proposal will be voted on. Beijing has been informed that it will be in a few months, not a few weeks, but in a few days.

Also, officials from these countries believe that China is cooperating more often than this time. Getting China’s cooperation on this proposal will be considered as a big success. The dialogue between China, America, Britain and France is being considered as a positive sign.

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