Indian officers were prevented from going to gurdwaras in Pakistan, India protested

Pakistan stopped the Sikh officers of India from entering the gurdwaras. After two such cases in two days, India has expressed strong opposition. In a letter sent to Pakistan on Friday, the government said that it will stop harassing Indian officials unnecessarily.

The government has instructed that they do not allow people running anti-India campaign to dominate their administration.


This case is about last Wednesday and Thursday. Indian officer Ranjeet Singh and Sunil Kumar went to Gurudwara Nankana Sahib and Gurudwara True Deal located in Punjab province of Punjab to take stock of the preparations related to celebrating the 550th birth anniversary of Dev.

They were stopped on Thursday night from entering the Gurudwara True Deal located near Gurudwara Nankana Sahib and on Thursday morning near Lahore.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry had given permission
India said that these officials of the Indian High Commission located in Islamabad were allowed to travel by the Pakistan Foreign Ministry only.

Despite this, they were barred from entering the gurudwaras. They were tortured there As a result, they were forced to return to Islamabad without fulfilling their duties towards Indian devotees.

Indian officers were prevented from going to gurdwaras in Pakistan, India protested

Third case of arrest of Indian officers in five months
Two cases came up on Wednesday and Thursday. The third case happened in June this year, when Indian High Commissioner Ajay Besaria and his wife were barred from entering Gurudwara Punjab in Rawalpindi.

Pakistan’s plea – the film made in India against the feelings of the Sikhs
Pakistan has cited security reasons for not giving admission to Indian officials in gurdwaras.

Tariq Wajir, secretary of the Iwecu Trust Property Board of Pakistan, told that we had told the Indian High Commission that they should not send their officers, because the feelings of the teachings of a film ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ in India have been hurt. In such a way, the security of Indian officers can be threatened.

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