Indian Sikh presented

Indian Sikh presented with Rosa Parks Trailblazer award in United States

Indian Sikh presented : An Indian-American Sikh philanthropist and entrepreneur, Gurinder Singh Khalsa, was presented with the prestigious Rosa Park Trailblazer award on Friday evening in Washington in US. He received this award for his campaign that forced the US government to change its policy towards Sikh’s ‘turban’. He received this award for his continued demonstration of courage and compassion.

In 2007, Gurinder Singh Khalsa was asked to remove his turban before going through the airport security in the US. He refused to remove his turban. He was then refused to board an aeroplane because of his turban. After that incident, he mobilized more than 68,000 people across the US for petitions. He took that issue to the US Congress, following which Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) changed its headgear policy towards the Sikh community.

He Sikhs are now able to wear their turban through airport security in the USA. It is all because of Gurinder Singh Khalsa’s efforts. He took stand for all those who believe in freedom of faith.


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