Report : Indians in second place in citizenship in 2017; 50 thousand people get cigarettes

An official report states that in the year 2017 about 50 thousand Indians were granted US citizenship. According to the annual report of the US Department of Homeland Security, 50,802 Indians got citizenship last year. This is more than four thousand more than the 2016 figure of 46,188. Earlier in 2015, 42,213 Indians were granted US citizenship.


In 2017, the United States gave citizenship to a total of 7,07,265 foreigners. It is less than 45 thousand less than 7,53,259 in 2016. Earlier in 2015, 7,30,259 people got US citizenship. It is believed that after becoming President of Trump the government has made the standards of citizenship difficult.

In the year 2017, the maximum number of foreign nationals in Mexico was 1,18,559 for US citizenship. After this, Indians are number two. At the same time 37,674 Chinese people were granted American citizenship. 36,828 of the Philippines, 29,734 of the Dominican Republic and 25,961 of Cuba granted US citizenship.

According to statistics, 3,96,234 women got US citizenship in 2017. It is 85 thousand more men than 3,10,987.

It has been reported in the report that about 12,000 of the American citizens were settled in California. After this, 5900 in New Jersey and 3700 Indians in Texas made the periphery. In addition, about 7100 new American citizens also chose New York and Pennsylvania as their home.


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