International Women Day

International Women’s Day: Made a monument in memory of the martyr husband

International Women Day: In November 2016, Multan Singh of Bijauli was martyred in the attack by ULFA militants in Assam, and his home leaders got drowned. While expressing condolences for the martyr’s family, everyone promised to make a memorial in his memory, but he did not take interest in the execution.

After this, the martyr’s wife Suman Devi himself decided to build a memorial with his own money. He also celebrated Multan Singh’s first anniversary on November 16, 2017. Suman says, ‘My husband has created a sense of hardship in facing me and never accepting defeat in life. Their shortcomings are rarely completed now.(International Women Day:)

But I want that the other youth of the village also come forward to serve the motherland like my husband. I decided to build a martyr memorial to fill them up. ‘

I did not make my husband’s memorial just to pay homage to him and to save his memories, but instead I see that seeing this, the young generation also creates a sense of service in the younger generation. -Suman Devi, wife of Shaheed Multan Singh

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