Due to the fast Internet, you are not able to break into your sleep

The fast speed of the mobile is not putting your sleep down. Scientists have claimed after a new shoe that due to high speed broadband and mobile internet, your sleep could drop to 25 minutes.

Boconi University in Milan, Milan, Italy has found that those people who have internet speed testgood speed of the internet spend more time online. People are sleeping late due to good speed and they have to get up early to go to school, college or office.

It also reduces the sleep time of the people. The mourners reviewed the survey of habits related to brodband speed and sleepiness in the gym in order to reach this conclusion.

Stress increases without sleeping

According to the Shovh of Birmingham University, sleeping less than eight hours can cause stress and depression problems, so negative ideas do not get out of your mind.

Project Chief Francisco Bilari says that people are sleeping in the greed of speeding speed and wake up late in the morning and this problem is increasing day by day and is changing in a major disease.

This is what the shopkeepers have to say too. Children are more likely to suffer, due to the fast Internet they are willing to watch video games and movies by late night, and this will directly affect their studies and studies.

91% of people are not sleepy

30% increase is the market of sleep related therapy

At the top of this 10 counties in Speed

1. South Korea
2. Sweden
3. Norway
4. Japan
5. The Netherlands
6. Hong Kong
7. Latvia
8. Switzerland
9. Finland
10. Denmark

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