IPL: Ashwin, who came to the controversy after having dismissed Butler, said – this is a simple reaction; Speak Warner- I was disappointed

IPL: Ravichandran Ashwin is being criticized for the Jos Buttler’s run-out in the match played between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab. During the bowling of Ashwin, butler went beyond the crease. During this time, Ashwin got him run out. This type of runout is called ‘Maankading’. IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla said that the captains and match referees of the IPL teams were against the runout like this. It was fixed in a meeting and Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni were also present. However, Ashwin said that it was a natural reaction, where did it come from playing?

Rajeev Shukla tweeted – There was a meeting between the captains, the match referee. Here I was also present as an IPL Chairman. It was decided that if a non-strike batsman goes ahead of the crease at the time of bowling, then he will not be run out. It was decided due to gameplay. As far as I remember, this meeting took place in Kolkata at the beginning of an IPL edition. Dhoni and Kohli were also present in this.

Ashwin dismissed Butler in the 13th over
Royals’ team, chasing the target of 184 runs during the match, was looking strong because of Butler’s presence on the crease at 69. Ashwin came in to bowl 13th over They stopped throwing the 5th ball and during this time Butler crossed the crease. Ashwin runs him out. After being out in this manner Butler fret in His Ashwin was also debated. This match lost the Royals.

Cricketers condemn Ashwin

Shane Warne: Former Australian leg spinner said: “Ravichandran Ashwin is extremely disappointed with the captain and the person. All the captains sign the IPL Wall and agree to match the game spirit. The intention of throwing Ashwin’s ball was not at all. In this case, it should be termed deadball. Now it is over the BCCI, because it is not good for the IPL.

Ian Morgan
The England middle-order batsman said: I do not believe in what I see in the IPL. This is a very bad example for youngsters who are going to come. I think Ashwin should apologize.

Michael von-(IPL)

Former England captain and opener said – If Butler had been warned it would have been fine. If he was not warned and it was the first time, then I think that Ashwin did not do well. Let’s see how many such times it is now.

Such runout in the name of Venu Mankad is called ‘Maankading’:

This kind of runout is called “Maankading” after the name of former Indian captain Venu Mankad, who was on a tour of Australia in 1947. Mankad bowling During this period, Australian batsman Bill Brown went ahead of Crease, Mankad had run-out, Mankad had to face criticism, however, then Aussie Don Bradman, who took over as captain, had defended him and said he was not able to understand why this is happening. Cricket rules are clear. it happens.

Buttler ‘Maankading’ for the second time
This is the second time when Jos Buttler has ‘Maankading’. Earlier, he was Maankading in ODIs against Sri Lanka in 2014. He was then warned by the bowler, pictured Senanayake before throwing the ball, but he still got out of the crease. At the time Butler was playing 21 runs and England’s score was 199. Sri Lanka won the match by six wickets.

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