Is god real

Iron rods crossed the head, still survived the young man’s life, living in the senses, told the whole story

Is god real: A scarf of iron entered the right bank of the head of the 21-year-old man in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Even after the gruesome incident, the young man’s life survived and he, after being in his senses, traveled from Nagpur to Balaghat in the same condition and was admitted to the hospital. On the same day the doctors saved their life by taking the surgery from the young man’s head by doing surgery.

The patient’s name is Sanjay Bahe, who was making a well in his house with the remuneration of his wages. Sanjay belongs to a farmer family. He told that the lower part of the well was completed, but the Iron rod was removed. He said, ‘The one on which I was sitting broke off suddenly and I fell on Iron rod.’

Sanjay was still conscious after the operation

During this time, a Iron rod entered the right part of his head and crossed the left side. A Iron rod entered into their hands. Neurosurgeon Dr. Pramod Giri and his team removed the surgery by patient and did not need to be referred to the ICU even after the operation. Even after operation, Sanjay was conscious and was stable.

The doctors also removed the scalp from the hand. The patient has suffered minor injuries on foot. Doctors told that the scalp has damaged the brain tissue, but the part which has affected is that the patient may have minor complaints like future behavior change and irritability. No injury is harmful.

Borrowed from relatives for surgery-Is god real

Sanjay’s family had to borrow from relatives for surgery. His uncle Pradeep Bahe said, ‘The villagers also contributed. We have spent 90 thousand rupees now and have to pay a few thousand rupees more in the next 7 days. The hospital administration accepted money in installments and helped us. ‘

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